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Somatic   Eldercare   Therapeutic Massage   IGM Acupressure   Medical Massage   Oncology   Pre/Post Natal & Infant Massage   Compassionate

Each session is Personalized and Tailored to Your Needs




Upper Body
Foot (reflexology)
Corporate (on/off-site)

Other Services



GM Acupressure
Process Therapy
Grief/Life Counseling
Somatic Therapy, Benefits & History of Massage, Etc.
Instructor: Massage Therapy Curriculum, Relaxation Techniques, Etc.

Eclectic Massage



A unique blend of several massage techniques tailored to the specific needs of your body during each session. Your entire body reaps the benefits of tired muscles being relaxed, soothed and awakened; extra care is given to problem areas. Overall circulation is increased. Your immune system is strengthened. The functions of your glands are accelerated to encourage them to function at their utmost capacity.

Assists your internal organs in releasing toxins, improves your flexibility, range of motion, posture and your overall mood. It definitely removes that stressed and tired look!

Geriatric  Massage



Specific techniques are used for the physical, emotional and spiritual conditions of an older population. Helps stroke victims, circulation, sleep disorders, MS, Alzheimer's joint replacement, arthritis, bursitis, blood pressure, diabetic neuropathy & more.   Proven to increase coordination, strength, posture, sleeping patterns, digestion, elimination, flexibility & provide the positive benefits of loving, nurturing touch.

Oncology Massage



We provide touch that is nurturing, calming and soothing and a safe, nurturing space is created regardless of location of treatment - office, hospital or home. Relief of pre & post-operative pain and discomfort is accomplished with proper positioning and appropriate selection of massage techniques that work best for each client. Proper techniques are used to reduce swelling, edema, improve circulation, aid the healing of scar tissue and many other health benefits that are vital to progressive healing.

The trauma lingers and establishing healthy touch is imperative to one's overall well-being. We take a personalized interest in your healing and recovery. Working with your doctors, the treatment course & progress is monitored and adjusted as needed.

Massage can not cure cancer however; it can offer much-needed relief, enhance your quality of life and make a great contribution to your healing process.


Mastectomy/  Breast Surgeries Massage



This massage is truly a benefit for anyone who has undergone mastectomy and other breast surgeries, such as: augmentation, reduction, etc..

Be it cosmetic or lifesaving, breast surgery may cause discomfort, swelling or edema,

as well as contribute to making one’s muscles sore and achy.

Massage is a natural way to assist/encourage healing. As with all of our services, we take a personalized interest in your healing, recovery and wellness. We work you’re your doctor and/or health team to ensure that this process is a success. Your treatment course and progress are monitored and adjusted as needed. Prescription and non-prescription services are provided.


Alzheimer’s Massage


Having administered to people living with ALZ for a few years now, Theresa Cecylija not only comes with her training, education, compassion and passion but also with first-hand experience. She has the innate ability to connect with each individual no matter where they are at any particular moment.

Please consider the following benefits:
Reduction in behavior such as wandering, aggression and agitation Improved sleep patterns

Feelings of reassurance Experience healthy, loving, human touch Increased blood flow and relief from joint and body stiffness

Reduced heart rate and lowered blood pressure

Offers immense relief and aids the drug therapy, which your loved one may have been prescribed. Also has been effective in stimulating the nervous system that is usually in decline because of the disease.

Our ALZ massage also helps the body build the nervous system’s response to stimuli enabling the elderly person with Alzheimer’s to resist physical and mental decline. Furthermore by introducing healthy, comforting touch to the individual helps their care-giver along with everyone that works with the person.


Everything that is needed is brought to either perform the massage on a massage table, massage chair or if necessary, the massage can be administered in the client’s bed or wheelchair. The lotion I use has no scent, is designed not to stain and is known for its therapeutic properties.


Seated Massage



When table massage is not possible or practical; especially, for employees, the elderly or disabled. We use the newest, most innovative and versatile chair available to provide you with a 10-30 minute massage designed to relieve stress in high-tension areas such as your back, neck, head and shoulders along with encouraging a renewed sense of well-being, vitality and energy.

As provided by Hands with Heart, it is easily integrated seamlessly into your workplace making it an affordable way for your organization to offer additional health benefits. This is also a great way to attract and retain key staff and employees while keeping within budget. Contact Theresa Ceylija  to see how you can also cut-down on sick leave and increase productivity.

Email here

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Trade Show, Meetings and Special Events



A brief session with one of Hands with Hearts Therapists and your event attendees will be more relaxed and more open to hearing your message along with being empowered for a more positive response.

Studies by the Touch Research Institute in Florida show that the benefits of seated massage are seen immediately. At the conclusion of their five-week study period the immediate positive effects were documented along with the subjects reporting reduced job stress and elevated moods. This was in addition to the usual benefits of revitalized energy, relief of muscular tension and a stronger immune system. It also increases circulation and stimulates the muscles, thereby releasing tension in the back and relaxing the neck and shoulders.

Please keep in mind that providing seated massage, as administered by Theresa Cecylija, at your events and meetings also provides your staff with a good opportunity to talk to the attendees while they are waiting for their seated massage.


Infant Massage



Quite different from massage for adults. Infant massage is much more communicative then manipulative. You will learn to distinguish your baby’s "cries" as well as how to massage your newborn to enhance their healthy growth along with forming a bond that will last forever. It is a technique that allows parents/siblings/caregivers to engage and relax their child in mutually pleasurable interaction. Often time the dynamics of infant massage facilitate parenting.

It is especially important to those that may not feel a connection with their infant or may be too young (not necessary in age) to fully comprehend what is needed for the baby to fully thrive. I'm certain that you will agree that touch is a very powerful way to communicate especially with babies. And it is a great way to prevent behavior that can possibly lead to child abuse.

Through "Baby's First Massage" I will show a new mother, father, sibling, loved one, care-giver how to give a safe, gentle massage to the baby.  They will discover gentle, effective, safe massage techniques that will comfort, nurture and enhance the special bond one has with their baby.  You will also learn when NOT to massage, baby's time-out signals along with early infant communication and fifteen gentle strokes to us. 

Theresa Cecylija is available to administer to your infant as well as to present/instruct in an infant massage class prior to or after birth or provide private instructions at one's home after the birth of the baby.

Contact Theresa with any questions and/or to schedule a presentation and/or demonstration for your group or organization.

Please note that infant massage supports well being and is appropriate for the medically stable newborn.  It is not a substitute for medical treatment.



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Somatic   Eldercare   Therapeutic Massage   IGM Acupressure   Medical Massage   Oncology   Pre/Post Natal & Infant Massage   Compassionate Hands With Heart